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Our Ragdoll Story

First, we are a family. As parents, my husband and I search for experiential learning for our children.

Our Ragdoll story began with Covid-19. After fostering 2 stray mama cats and their 13 babies for the local shelter during the pandemic lockdown, our daughter fell in love with raising kittens. She brought me a picture of a Ragdoll kitten and begged us for months to let her raise these wonderful, friendly, floppy-cat companions to share with others.

After long and hard consideration, many road blocks and discouragement, and then, a series of serendipitous events, the Rags N Roses Ragdolls cattery came to be.

Our goal is to prepare healthy, social, and beautiful Ragdoll companions to bless other people and their families. Our kittens are handled and loved on daily by myself and my children. This is a labor of love which we share as a family endeavor. We work together for the good of our cats and kittens. Everyone in the family plays a role.

Hopefully, our efforts will not only bless the Ragdoll breed, but also bless other families, as well as our own.

Our Story: About
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