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Our Ragdoll Family

King and Queens

Each of our breeding cats has been DNA tested and are double negative for the genes associated with HCM and PKD1. Their kittens will be negative, also. They are also negative for FeLV and FIV.

Thank you, Shari and Edie, for trusting us with your beautiful Ragdolls!

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Coopercatz Dashti of RagsNRoses

Our first queen, Dashti, is a seal lynx colorpoint. She is so sweet, loving, super playful, and full of personality. She earned her name of Dashti by literally dashing all around while playing with Tagus and her favorite toys, jingle balls. She is always up for fun and also loves to cuddle with her girl. She has been a loving and wonderful mama to her babies. Thank you, Shari, for this sweet girl and her gentleman!

Coopercatz Tagus of RagsNRoses

Tagus, a blue bicolor, is our king. He is the quintessential Ragdoll-- laid back, friendly, sociable, soft bunny-like fur-- a true floppy cat and a complete gentleman. He loves keeping us company. He will follow us, and then flop down to lay near us and watch everything we are doing. We have adored him from day one. A funny quirk about him--he loves drinking from the running water of the bathtub.

Raggymay Seraphina of RagsNRoses

Our seal point mitted queen in the wings, Seraphina is an absolute doll! She has the softest, silkiest coat, purrs on demand, loves to play, and seeks out our company. She loves attention and is our companion where ever we go. We can't think of any Ragdoll trait she doesn't possess. She reminds us of Mary Poppins, "practically perfect in every way." We are so happy to add her to our cattery. Thank you, Edie!

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