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Meet Our Kittens

Dashti's Beautiful Babies,

Born October 16, 2022.

These kittens have all gone to their new homes. 

We have no available kittens, nor do we anticipate any. 

We leave this here for the memory of these sweet babies.

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Seal Lynx Mitted Female

Super sweet and playful with gorgeous eyes, Mauve is the only female in Dashti's litter. This girl loves to play games with her brothers and capture the feather wand toy, yet she is also happy to be held and has a great Ragdoll personality. For a pet, only. 

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Blue Mitted Male

Our only blue mitted male, Orange is so adorable! We think he has the truest Ragdoll look of all the faces, and it’s so cute! He is full of curiosity and watches with interest every thing going on with those gorgeous eyes. He loves to adventure around the room, but when he is through, he comes back to rest on our laps. What a lover!

JPEG image 9.jpeg


Seal Lynx Mitted Male

Green is always ready for love and such a lap kitty! He literally climbs up into our laps just to hang out. He lives for a game with the ribbon wand and seems to be full of the wonderful laid back and friendly ragdoll personality.



Seal Mitted with Blaze

This sweet seal mitted boy has a small, distinct blaze on the top of his nose. Sometimes we call him Lightning, sometimes Flash, and he is definitely always ready to blaze a new trail and play with his littermates. He loves to climb to new heights! He's also as sweet as sugar.



Blue Lynx Mitted

A Blue Lynx Mitted boy, this cutie is called Mr. Reddy Freddy--He's always ready to make eye contact and seek out our company. Think of him as Mr. Personality. He's so cute and his face looks the most like his daddy's when he was a kitten. Love this friendly little guy!



Seal Mitted

Our beautifully marked seal mitted boy has stunning contrast with his beautiful blue eyes--we think he's a handsome fella! Playful and friendly, he loves watching us do our work and then covertly attacking us and climbing up our legs! He's a fun one for sure!



Blue Lynx Mitted

This little big guy is a beautiful blue lynx mitted ragdoll. He is one of our largest and friendliest kittens who seeks us out by climbing up into our laps to snuggle. He’s such a cuddle bug while also loving to run and play. He will make a perfect companion!

Ragdolls are companion cats and do very well in pairs or with another friendly furbaby in the family.

Consider adopting a shelter kitten along with your Ragdoll.

They will both be happier for it! 

Dashti's Litter

Born October 16, 2022
6 males, 1 female
Blue, Mauve, Orange, Yellow, Red, Green, and Black

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