Best Smørrebrød in Copenhagen

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Rannveig heldur á smörrebröd í kaupmannahöfn

If you go to Denmark and Copenhagen, you have to eat some Smørrebrød!

Smörrebröd í Kaupmannahöfn sem keypt var í Torvehallerna liggur á viðarborði

Hellernes Smørrebrød at the Torvehallerne food market is one of my favourites in the Copenhagen. You can get many different types, from the classics to more exotic ones. My favourite is the chicken one with curry mayonnaise and extra bacon (yes you can ask for extra!). 

Rannveig heldur á smörrebröd í kaupmannahöfn

It’s also just fun to walk around Torvehallerne if you have never been there before. It’s located right next to the Nørreport train station so getting there is super easy.


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This post is not sponsored

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