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What can you do on Crete: Travel blog

Rannveig horfir yfir Chania á Krít

If you are following me on  Instagram I am sure you noticed that I spent my easter in Chania a city on Crete an island in Greece. We spent some lovely days there and even though it was colder than I had expected we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Since high peak season hasn’t started in April the place was not to crowded and we could walk and explore every inch of the old town of Chania. For those of you wanting to visit Crete I hope I can give you some useful tips :)

Chania, Crete

Hliðargata í gamla bænum í Chania á Krít

We stayed in Chania at an apartment hotel that was about a 26 minute walk to the old town of Chania. The city on it’s own is not really breathtaking and can use some upkeep but the old town of Chania is simply magical. We spent most of our time there.

The old town of Chania

Yfirsýn yfir gamla bæinn í Chania á Krít

You can loose track of time as you walk the streets of the old town of Chania. It is super beautiful filled with fun shops, restaurants, cafés and ice cream shops.

Rannveig stendur í snákabuxum með gamla bæ Chania í bakgrunn

Pálmar á viðarhurð á kirkju í gamla bæ Chania á Krít

Hliðargata í gamla bæ Chania á Krít

Just walking the side streets was my favourite part as they seemed to be never ending. We were constantly discovering new streets. Filled with beautiful colors and a lovely greek atmosphere.

Hvít bygging með bláum gluggum í Chania á Krít

Sítrónutré í Chania á Grikklandi

Magnús og hundur á göut í Chania á Krít

I was surprised at how many animals were roaming the streets. I made the mistake of petting a cat once that came up to me and wanted to be petted. The cat then didn’t want my affection anymore and suddenly wanted to play instead so it bit me and I had to be driven by a wonderful hotel employee to a pharmacy far away from where we were staying because it was the only one open at the time. There I got a tetanus shot just to be safe. So top notch service at Frida Apartments but I wouldn’t recommend petting any of the animals if I were you. Show more self control than I did :)

Vitinn í gamla bænum í Chania á Krít

Like I said we spent all our nights exploring the old town of Chania, walking to see the fort, walking to see the lighthouse, exploring old ruins and endless side streets. And we were never once bored!

The Elafonisi beach on Crete

Landakort af Krít

We made a quick decision one day to rent a car and drive to the other side of the island to check out the famous Elafonisi beach. It only cost us about 35 euros to rent a car and the gas was about 20 euros. So not that expensive and well worth it!

Hengirúm á stoppustöð á leiðinni til Elafonisi strandarinnar

On your drive to Elafonisi you have to drive up high mountains and past lovely little greek villages so that alone makes the drive well worth it. On our way there we noticed this lovely little pitstop overlooking the mountains and stopped there for a drink.

Rannveig liggur í hengirúmi

The drive from Chania to Elafonisi is about two hours so a short pitstop and a short nap in a hammock is not to shabby.

Viðarskilti sem á stendur Elafonisi

Kaktusar þar sem búið er að skera brosandlit á

White and pink sand and crystal clear waters! The Elafonisi beach is purely amazing. Since we were here in April the sea wasn’t warm enough to swim in yet but I want to come back one day when it is, so that I can spend the whole day snorkelling.

Elafonisi ströndin á Krít

Elafonisi ströndin á Krít

Elafonisi ströndin á Krít

Kuðungar á Elafonisi ströndinni á Krít

Kuðungur frá Elafonisi ströndinni

Kuðungar frá Elafonisi ströndinni

Klettar á Elafonisi ströndinni

Skugginn hennar Rannveigar í Elafonisi ströndinni

Magnús að synda í sjónum á Elafonisi

Rannveig með Elafonisi lóni í bakgrunn

Organised trips to Elafonisi hadn’t started when we were here so there wasn’t a great number of people on the beach even though there were of course some. But the beach is very popular so come high season anticipate the ocean and the beach being full of people. Even so I still think that a visit to Elafonisi is well worth it if you are visiting Crete.

The food on Crete

Veitingahús á Chania á Krít

In the old town of Chania you can find plenty of restaurants – some better then others. We for instance dropped by a seafood restaurant that didn’t looked like much on the outside but was perhaps the best dinner we got on our trip. So if you are going to a seafood place make sure to ask what the catch of the day is, if it is not listed on the menu.

Grískt Fava

Since you are visiting Greece I recommend trying some traditional Greek dishes. The cheeses are divine, Moussaka never fails and here you can see pictured Fava, a kind of greek hummus.

Magnús úti að borða í gamla bænum á Chania

Ítalskur veitingastaður á Krít

On our last night we stumbled upon this Italian restaurant on one of the old towns many side streets. Like true Icelanders we were the only ones that dared to sit outside.

Nauta carpaccio og bruschetta á veitingastað í Chania á Krít

The food was fine but the atmosphere was the best part so if you are interested, the place is called Veneto.

Ís með gamla bæ Chania á Krít í bakgrunn

Of course you can’t leave Greece without grabbing at least one Ice Cream. On our last day we sat by the harbour in the old town, ate lovely gelato and watched the fishes swim in the clear waters. Not a bad way to end the trip if you ask me.

I hope that you can make use of some of these pointers and if you have any questions regarding Crete or Chania put them down in the comment section and I will do my best to answer :)

Meanwhile you can check out my Greece highlights on my Instagram.


My name is Rannveig and I am the owner of ragsnroses.com. I am 26 years old, born and raised in Iceland. I currently live in Copenhagen where I work as a marketing manager. Thanks for stopping by and please check out some of my other stuff!


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