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I love to try new brunch places in Copenhagen! The city is full of them so I am constantly trying something new so if you find me going to a place more often than once then it’s a sure thing that I find the place fantastic.

Hendi að hella vatni í glas úr grænni flösku á brunchstað í Köben

I therefore wanted to share with you a few pictures I snapped last time when I visited my favourite brunch place in Copenhagen at the moment, Sidecar.

Útsýni út um gluggann á brunchstað í Köben

First of all, you can book a table at Sidecar and that’s not always the case when you go brunching in Copenhagen. I for one hate to wait for a table in a packed brunch place so I love the fact that you can prebook a table at Sidecar.

Maður að skoða matseðil á Sidecar brunshstaðnum í Köben

The brunch works a little bit differently here then at normal brunch places in Copenhagen. You pick one of four different brunches which is then served to you at your table,  and then there is a big buffet in the centre of the venue where you can eat as much as you please.

Hlaðborð af mat á brunch stað í Köben

Jógúrtskálar á hlaðburði í brunch í Köben

There you can find Smørrebrød , yogurt, skyr, croissants, salads, cheeses, hams, fruit and much more.

Diskar og skálar fullar af mat, eggjum, pönnukökum og snittum. Einnig er á borðinu djúsglas.

Yfirlitsmynd af diskum og skálum fullum af mat.

Djúsglas með glugga í bakgrun á brunchstað í Köben.

The brunch is also not very expensive for Copenhagen. I get the Sidecar brunch and that cost as of this moment 159 DKK.

Diskur fullur af mat á brunchstað í Köben.

Rannveig sötrar djús úr glasi á brunch í Köben.

So if you are coming to Copenhagen I can’t recommend the Sidecar brunch enough.


My name is Rannveig and I am the owner of I am 26 years old, born and raised in Iceland. I currently live in Copenhagen where I work as a marketing manager. Thanks for stopping by and please check out some of my other stuff!

Post is not sponsored

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