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Hello, good day and welcome to my new website! My name is Rannveig and maybe you don‘t know me or maybe you have known me for a long time but I have owned and blogged for the past few years on the website Belle.is. Now I am at a crossroads but as you may have noticed this is not my beloved Belle. It was a hard decision to make but it was the right one when I decided to close down Belle.is this fall. There I wrote alongside a few amazing women and I am so very grateful for our collaboration over the past years. However to be completely honest I felt that it was time for a change. I love blogging, sharing my knowledge of things, creating and writing. I wanted to refocus and make sure I was doing just that – the things I love. That is why I sit here alone by my computer, standing on my own two feet. Welcome to

Rannveig, the owner of RNR, smiling outside with her bike

I have had a number of messages on my social media over the past few months from people who were wondering where I am and if I‘m okay. I understand that because I used to be the kind of person who blogged on a regular basis and often more than five times a week. Now all of a sudden I was radio silent. No new blog posts and almost no Instagram activity. During this hiatus I haven‘t been sitting on my hands and doing nothing – I swear! I have looked back over my blogging career, thought about the things I have done well, criticised the things I did wrong and wondered about what I could do better. So be prepared because I am coming back stronger then ever! I know what I want, what I want my future to look like and what I want to share with you, my dear reader, because of course you are the most important thing to me. Without you blogging would kind of suck – no for real, it would really suck.

From now on I will be writing new posts on Rags ‘n’ Roses alongside posting snippets from my life on Instagram. There are also a lot of new things here on this website that my previous readers have not seen before so believe me when I say that it is worth keeping an eye on! One thing that I am particularly excited about is my newsletter! There I am going to share with my subscribers exclusive content that you won’t find anywhere else. Some posts on the website will also be locked for those who are not signed up to my newsletter so be sure to sign up now so you don’t miss out on anything!

You can sign up here:

As well as my new newsletter I have also added a “Shop my Insta” option here on the site. So if you see something you like on my Instagram feed you can find all the information about it here.

Speaking of Instagram…. Hello IGTV! Yep you read that right! Alongside opening up this website I have also started a brand new IGTV channel. It has been so fun getting the channel ready and planning my upcoming videos so hold on tight because it’s going to be amazing. Of course all my Instagram followers will get a notification when I post a new video to IGTV but my faithful newsletter subbies will also receive a notification so don’t forget to sign up!

Posts in english are also a new thing for me and I will continue to update my old posts to english so hang tight for those.

I hope that you are as excited as I am because I am freaking excited for the upcoming months and am crossing my fingers and hoping that you are ready to go on this adventure with me. Recreation, new knowledge and gun – aren’t those a few good keywords for this upcoming journey?

So again welcome to Rags ‘n’ Roses! I look forward to sharing with you all the aces I have up my sleeves.


My name is Rannveig and I am the owner of ragsnroses.com. I am 26 years old, born and raised in Iceland. I currently live in Copenhagen where I work as a marketing manager. Thanks for stopping by and please check out some of my other stuff!



  1. Avatar
    07/02/2019 / 05:58 AM

    Til hamingju kæra Rannveig, gangi þer vel 😊💕

    • rannveig
      07/02/2019 / 09:14 AM

      Takk elsku Lóa❤️

  2. Avatar
    07/02/2019 / 09:11 PM

    Snillingur! Hlakka til að fylgjast með!😍

    • rannveig
      08/02/2019 / 09:13 AM


  3. Avatar
    22/03/2019 / 02:59 PM

    Þessi hvíta peysa sem þú ert í… prjónaðir þú hana sjálf? Ef svo er hvaða uppskrift er þetta og hvaða garn notaðir þú? Sjúklega flott! :D

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