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Royal Copenhagen Outlet

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Royal Copenhagen Outlet entranceI have a feeling that a lot of Royal Copenhagen fans are going to jump for joy when they read the title of this article. One of the benefits of living in Copenhagen is that I can ride my bike to the Royal Copenhagen outlet anytime I feel like it. I however don‘t think that a lot of people, at least not a lot of Icelandic people, know about the outlet. Therefor I wanted to share with you a few pictures I snapped during my last visit to the outlet.

Royal Copenhagen Outlet shelf full of cups and trays and more

I went to the outlet for the first time with my mom and my grandma (and Magnus) when they came and visited us last fall. I was so excited, I had butterflies in my stomach. My Royal Copenhagen collection at that time was rather small (and still is) as I didn‘t have anything from the brand. So the word small might be an understatement… it was non existent.

Royal Copenhagen Outlet blue mega vaseIn the outlet they sell second class products where something has most likely gone wrong in the glazing process and therefore they can‘t sell it as first class.

Royal Copenhagen Outlet cake platesWith some of the things you clearly notice that it is a second class product like you may notice yourself when you take a look at these cake dishes pictured above. There you can see that the blue color isn’t as sharp on one of them as it is on the other.

You can also find rare collectables in the outlet for those who are die hard Royal Copenhagen fans who don‘t mind spending over 3000 DKK for a limited edition plate like the ones pictured above.

Rannveig holding her arm out and reaching for a bowl in the Royal Copenhagen outlet

Royal Copenhagen Outlet small cups on a shelf

For me, the average person, who maybe wants a cup or two, I enjoyed visiting the outlet. It truly was a blue and white sort of heaven! It however surprised me how little price difference there was between the second class products and the first class ones you can buy at other stores. The price difference for me was so small that I couldn’t justify buying something that was second class when I could get the real thing for maybe just a 100 DKK more. Maybe that‘s just me being stupid but don‘t you think that makes sense?

Royal Copenhagen Outlet mussel cups with handle

Here you have some price samples from the Royal Copenhagen outlet:

Royal Copenhagen Outlet entrance

You can find the Royal Copenhagen outlet at Søndre Fasanvej 9 in Frederiksberg if you want to go for a visit and have a look around yourself. Just don‘t expect some crazy discounts because then you might end up being disappointed.
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My name is Rannveig and I am the owner of ragsnroses.com. I am 26 years old, born and raised in Iceland. I currently live in Copenhagen where I work as a marketing manager. Thanks for stopping by and please check out some of my other stuff!

This post is not sponsored

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