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My darling Sonic

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I couldn’t help but relive my old Dreamcast days when I saw the collaboration between my darling Sonic and Glamglow. Not that I was any good but I used to play the game every single day as a kid so there was no chance that I wouldn’t grab a hold of one tube of the new Sonic Gravitymud mask.

I got Knuckles on my tube which I am sure all Sonic nerds are familiar with but the mask it self comes in a tube which contains 15 g of product. I would say you can get a good 2-3 times of use out of those grams if you use the mask on your entire face each time. The Gravitymud mask is suppose to tighten your skin and give you a healthy glow but unlike the classic silver mask this one comes in a stunning Sonic shimmering blue.

How can you not take a mask selfie when the mask is this pretty?!


My name is Rannveig and I am the owner of ragsnroses.com. I am 26 years old, born and raised in Iceland. I currently live in Copenhagen where I work as a marketing manager. Thanks for stopping by and please check out some of my other stuff!

Post contains PR sample

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